Colleccion Alexandra

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Coleccion Alexandra is a dynamic family-run company based in Burriana, Spain that designs and manufactures exquisite handcrafted furniture since 1994. With one of the largest luxury product lines in the world, comprising of over 2,000 items with endless customization options, Coleccion Alexandra has been the obvious choice for some of the world’s most prestigious interiors. Their craftsmanship can be found in country estates, metropolitan residences, palaces, leading restaurants, corporate headquarters, aviation, and super yachts around the world.

Coleccion Alexandra offers a wide range of furnishing consisting of furniture, lighting, textiles, rugs and accessories. With their bespoke service, it is possible to create highly personalized pieces spanning from forty different finishes to special dimensions. The production process utilizes the finest raw materials and the most complex manufacturing processes that is only handled by expert craftsmen passionate about every detail to guarantee that the highest standards of quality are met.

The Coleccion Alexandra company views design as an integral component and focuses on creating unique and sophisticated furnishing pieces while also ensuring that they are living in harmony with all the brand’s collections: Traditional Heritage, Classical Contemporary, and Contemporary. The Alexandra Design Studio, a team of talented designers, is responsible for projecting, designing, and overseeing the production process at Coleccion Alexandra. They develop all elements of the furnishing lines with inspiration drawn from unique incidents in history and the skills of timeless artisans. The team strives for balance and harmony by creating collections that are a fusion between the east and west in the light of the Mediterranean Sea.

Coleccion Alexandra holds a Quality Certificate ISO 9001 (ES08/5829) that was issued by the authorized company SGS ICS Iberica, for the design and manufacture of wooden furniture, decorative items, and completion of contract production for the most sophisticated interior design projects.