Good Design Award 2017

ADI Design Index 2018
October 23, 2019
FSC® award furniture
October 23, 2019

Pianca receives for the second year the Good Design Award. The oldest and most important prize in the design field has been awarded to the table Ettore and the bed Fushimi. The two product, presented at Milan’s international Salone del Mobile, are the result by the collaborations with the Calvi Brambilla studio ant the young designer Philippe Tabet.

Sculptural, symbolic, bold: the table Ettore by Calvi Brambilla pays homage to master designer Ettore Sottsass, a visionary pursuer of design that would break the traditional aesthetic rules, going beyond the purely ornamental and venturing into the realm of emotional, social as well as aesthetic experimentation.Ironic contrasts between the parts and an unexpected effects are emphasized by the choice of materials. The two designers successfully paired the idea of the toy with the vision espoused by Pianca, champion of an elegant, pared-back language punctuated by premium materials and finishes.

Inspired by one of Kyoto’s most important sanctuaries, Fushimi reveals its meek, evocative character at a glance, exuding harmony in the combinationof its parts and stylishness in its details. Fascinated by spiritual Japanese culture, Philippe Tabet has endeavoured to capture its essence and hold on to that concept of balance and lightness that the culture is known for. The proportion between the elements is fine-tuned and balanced to perfection. Pared back, elegant and clean, the frame’s lines come together in an inviting bed that is simple yet refined.
Ettore and Fushimi perfectly embody Pianca’s calling for innovation and contemporary elegance. It is a recognition for Pianca and its choices in terms of research and collaborations with important designers.